Web Site Design

  Our web design philosophy is centered on getting the client's input throughout the design process. We are happy to offer our knowledge and professional opinion, but ultimately we want you to be satisfied with YOUR web site.

We concentrate on building a site that spotlights your business, not the technology. We attempt to make the technology as transparent and functional as possible so your customers can concentrate on your product and your business.

  Dynamic or Static? Static is generally the least costly. However, a dynamic site offers more possibilities for presenting your clients with targeted information. We prefer to plan site designs with a database in mind. Thereby, we can store information about visitors to customize their visit and make their experience memorable, while giving you valuable marketing information and feedback.
Dynamic features we can incorporate into your site:
    RSVP Calendar - keep your visitors informed
    Portfolio of Your Work - which you can easily update in real time
    On-Line Secure Ordering
    Easy to modify product lists
    Surveys, Questionnaires, On-Line Tests
    Up to date Job Postings
    Data Collection
    Rotating Banner Ads
    Class Schedules
    Searchable FAQ's
    On-Line Discussion Forums
    And much more...
WE have collaborated on websites in the following areas:
    Non-Profit Organizations
    Wireless communication

Click here to see samples of our web site work

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