Our Clients
  Many of our clients require security on their web sites, so some of these sites are not "Open to the Public".

Wachovia @ Work
This web site provides client tracking and reporting for Wachovia Account Managers and their supervisors.

Security and User Administration was a very important part of the modifications we made to this web application.

  The Ride Analyzer
This is a fitness tracking program (based on our Performance Tracker software) that includes:
user created profiles,
communication to PayPal for credit card charges for a subscription service,
workout statistics with HTML graphs
users can upload pictures into the gallery where they wait for administrator approval

Full automation of users and subscriptions with an e-mail marketing contact program was a primary design consideration.
  Volvo VistaTech
This web site provides on-line exams and an awards system for Volvo mechanics, service managers and regional managers.

Ease of use for the mechanics and easy administration for managers was key for this design.
  Flames By Fred
This web site allows users to browse pictures of custom paint jobs.

Key for this project was administration of the pictures. The client wanted complete control over uploading pictures, instead of relying on us to make modifications to the web site. This allows them to update content without additional cost.
  The Catholic Book and Gift Shop
This web site includes our On-Line Catalog along with a complete e-commerce solution.

Administrators can upload new inventory (images, stock #s, price, weight...), maintain categories, and change catalog colors and fonts from the administration pages.
  Queen Of Peace Travel
This static web site provides complete information for the prospective traveler, including a PDF reservation form.

JavaScript allows customizable text to scroll along the bottom of the screen (in this instance, the text helps people pray the Rosary.)
  Greensboro Day School
This site was designed/created by Symetri, a Trone Company.

Glavinka Logic modified the interface and back end database structure.
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