Performance Tracker

  Glavinka Logic's Performance Tracker is designed specifically to record bike rides, yet it works great for recording other activities as well! Enter data after each activity and the program tracks your miles/kilometers by bike or by route and is customizable to match your bike computer. However, a bike computer is not required. Distance can be entered once for a route and each time you ride that route, the distance will accumulate!

Email reminders will be sent when maintenance is due: by miles or time! The on-line report generator is great for comparing:
    Last year to this year
    Last month to this month, or to this month last year
    Distance or time by bike
    Distance or time by route
    Calendar view provides a visual snap-shot of your exercise routine

  It's easy to set up for bicyclists, swimmers, weight-lifters, runners... Anybody who exercises regularly can benefit from using this product (and shouldn't we all be exercising regularly?)
After using this product for 3 months, massive improvements are almost guaranteed! It's a terrific motivator!

  To see a demo, click here

We also have a Windows desktop version for users who don't have an internet connection or would like to keep their data on their personal computer.

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